Broken bones. Island roots. Sun-child.

Broken bones. Island roots. Sun-child.

Issha Marie is a photo-based visual artist currently living in Vancouver. She works as a freelance concept and editorial photographer for mostly food and lifestyle clients alongside her creative partner, Alison Page. She is also part of a collective of three creatives, working together to bring out their self-published thematic bi-annual that focuses on food and art within the Canadian landscape.

Issha graduated from the University of Toronto in the summer of 2008, where she earned her Honours B.A. in English Literature and Visual Studies. Her work is usually characterized by her use of layers, filters, textures, dramatic shadows, and saturated colours. Much of her foundational techniques are inspired by the illustrious Dave Mckean, who is best known for his photo collages in Neil Gaiman‘s Sandman covers.

Her stylistic approaches to her digital manipulation and photography can be attributed to the influence of a few key artists, all of whom she continues to draw inspiration from: the hauntingly dark and whimsical photographs of Francesca Woodman, Gregory Crewdson, Robert Parke-Harrison, Alexey Titarenko, Roger Ballen, Hideo Suzuki, and Kamil Vojnar; the shadow boxes of Joseph Cornell; Louise Bourgeois‘ Cells; the collective works of Ernst and Dali. Each of these artists' pieces are filled with sentiment, trauma, memory, and nostalgia, allowing the observer access into their individual psychological and emotional states. These artists continue to play an important role in her conceptual and artistic development.

Issha Marie has self-published a book of images and poetry titled 'Ghost Stories' in the late autumn of 2017. The book was ten years in the making, and brings to life all previously unspoken traumas - sexual, psychological, physical, and emotional - that Issha has sustained over the course of her life to date. She has printed only 50 copies of the book, and is unlikely to reprint this body of work again. She is now currently working on some visual experiments that bring together the sacred feminine, the stories of people of colour, and her own personal observations of light and shadow. At the moment, there are only sketches and half-formed ideas at play. In the meantime, her progress and the evolution will be documented in this space, time allowing.