(Images to come...) 

For those who make their primary living collecting, appraising and selling people’s discarded and forgotten possessions, Time is of the essence. The older and rarer the object, the higher its monetary value. In the realm of the curious, the rare, and the esoteric, production methods and nostalgic value come heavily into play. Vintage family photographs, worn-out sawdust dolls, rusty biscuit tins, porcelain figurines, dated fashions from the early twentieth century, and various other objects that reek of a past long gone can fetch hefty sums of money.

Most of the developed world has long since succeeded in placing monetary values in objects we attribute certain "concepts" to. So it would seem that somewhere in the course of all these growing countercultures – with the emergence of pop-surrealism, hipsterdom and various other low-brow art forms – Nostalgia has become one of the more dominant "concepts" to be bottled and sold to the masses, joining the likes of Happiness, Love, Power, Sex, Wisdom, and Strength. The photographs in Flea Circus explore our desires to objectify that which is not tangible, placing emphasis on [much of the developed world’s] penchant for monetizing, through various means, concepts involving memory and emotion.

Admittedly, this project is also fueled by my own personal fascination with what has been left behind. I am interested in the stories these objects contain, and in my photographs, I hope to steer the audience away, albeit briefly, from the fact that these objects are for sale. The photographs also capture a moment in time wherein the object remains as intact as it was when it first arrived in the shop - there is no telling where or how these objects will end up once it gets sold. While this series plays heavily into the fantastical, there are, still, price tags attached to these objects - the latter, a striking contrast to the way I have romanticized the merchandise displays. I have captured some of these images with expired film, reiterating, through this choice of medium, the fleeting and transient nature of these objects. The unpredictable colour casts also highlight the fantastical narratives that accompany the individual titles I have given some of these stills.

'Flea Circus' is an ongoing series-in-progress.