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Ghost Stories

Terrifying. Strange. Beautiful.

Issha Marie Onoya

These images were shot with an experimental film called Snovlox. It claims to give your photos a winter feel, but to be quite honest, I see these more like fireflies than snow. It could be because these photos are taken at the height of summer here in Vancouver.

When I took these photographs, I had the poems of Warsan Shire and Naayirah Waheed in mind, and even my own poems as well (I had written a couple the night before this day trip). Carmel and I also had Beyonce's Lemonade on during the drive to this location, so the look of this may have totally been influenced by that album.

I will take these frames in the darkroom to print, but I could not resist scanning these ones for a first-hand peek.

Model: Carmel Amit