I spent six hours in the darkroom this past Saturday and walked away with some really stunning results - for hastily-printed, dust-riddled RC prints, that is. I am just getting the hang of printing again! We were also taught how to tone our prints using selenium. Our darkroom is not the greatest, so we had to tone these prints outdoors. Apparently, the gases from the selenium solution could kill if not done in a properly-ventilated area. Something about the solution mixing with acid to form a deadly gas. Old-school photography is so freaking badass.

Here are some scans of my favourite prints from this weekend's session. The scans do not do these prints justice. The dynamic range from these prints alone are something to behold. I LOVE BEING BACK IN THE DARKROOM!!!

Of course, prints like these cannot be obtained if you do not have a good negative. I have good negatives. Yippee!

Without further ado...

Exposed 11.1 seconds with a 10-second burn treatment on the bottom right corner. Contrast filter at 3.

Left to Right: Untoned RC print versus Selenium-toned RC print. Notice what it did to the blacks. Unbelievable. I love toning. I cannot wait to explore this method further.

This one was my favourite print of the day. The dynamic range in this photograph is unbelievable. It looks unreal. I lucked out when I shot this; the light was incredible, first of all, and definitely gave life to all the textures in this space. Exposed 13 seconds with a contrast filter of 3.5.