Ilford Delta 3200


One of my best friends (and current primary film-shooting partner), Jen, suggested we make an excursion to the dilapidated and abandoned Riverview Mental Hospital. I developed this film a couple of days ago and here are some of the frames that came out of this impromptu and spontaneous field trip. There definitely exists a very eerie energy around the place, but make no mistake... this place --- this vast expanse of unused land that houses all of these decaying structures --- is so hauntingly beautiful. I could stay here shooting all day. 'Wish I had the upper body strength and ninja skills needed to break inside these massive, abandoned buildings. I can only imagine what they look like inside. I have heard of underground tunnels and labyrinths that exist within those walls and I want so very badly to see them.

I plan to return with a few more people. I smell a series in the making.

Without further ado...